'ReverseCamera' With this reverse playback application, you can enjoy reverse-playback movies and voices right after the moment you shot videos.

[The review from v1.2]

The function to play back movies in reverse way is definitely distinguished and unique! You can playback videos and voices reverse way simply and smoothly.

With this application, dull and normal videos can become a totally fresh and new creation: full of surprises and discovery. Welcome to the world you've never seen! Reverse Playback; Convert the World!

[How to reverse playback your videos]

◯To reverse the video right after you shot:

First, shoot a video using ‘start’ and ‘stop’ button. Then, use the triangle button facing leftward to reverse playback.

◯To reverse the videos from your Camera Roll (converting function):

Tap, ‘Movies,’ ‘Convert Video,’ and then ‘Convert,’ to choose a video from your Camera Roll. After choosing, converting starts automatically. When converting is done, press ‘Play’ to playback reverse way.
*Converting function is useful if you’d like to enjoy a reverse movie longer than 30 seconds. Only iPhone-standard videos can be converted.

Other features:
・Slow-motion playback(x1/2, x1/4, x1/8) and quick-motion playback(x2, x4, x8).
・Easy compiler to cut off unneeded intro or outro of the movie.
・The slide bar: You can easily access the point you would like to see, even during playback!
・Frame rates and frame frequencies are configurable.
・Saving feature: The movie you shot will be saved in the Movie Library of the application.
・Copying feature: You can export the movies in the Movie Library to your Camera Roll.
・Share feature on YouTube and facebook. When you upload a movie, the URL of the corresponding movie will be automatically copied on clipboard, which means you are ready to tweet or text about the movie!
・Voices in the reverse playback movies are now understandable because we have adopted a new way to playback sounds. And it became configurable.

Lite Version:
"ReverseCamera Lite (Free)" This application excluding saving feature and converting function. Let's give it a try!

* Recording may stop before the set number of frames depending on your device's memory.
* Max frame setting menu for iPhone geeks. CAUTION: It needs a lot of memory. Although there is no memory leak, sometimes the app will be terminated against your wish! 500 The setting is hard to succeed even iPhone4.
* Converting feature may take about 3 minutes to convert a 30-seconds movie

PRECAUTION FOR THE USAGE: Please never do anything harmful, such as jumping off from a high place, in order to take a movie.

Version 2.4 update; Performance and UI improved.
Version 2.2 update; Revision for malfunction on iOS5.
Version 2.0 update; Performance and Setting improved.
Version 1.6 update; Share feature on YouTube and Facebook.
Version 1.5 update; Revision for malfunction on iOS4.
Version 1.4 update; Converting videos in Camera Roll.
Version 1.3 update; Editing and slow/fast feature.
Version 1.2 update; Saving and exporting feature.
Version 1.1 update; Icon and forward play feature.

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here. We built for iPhone without patches, but compiled using gas-preprocessor. You can get r21057(linked in v1.2) of FFmpeg from here.